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About Us

Hyproof Tech. was founded in 2016. Focus on innovated science and advanced technology,Hyproof Tech. is committed to research, development, production and sales of novel fluorinated materials, reinforced nano-microporous membranes and composite products. It is a high-tech enterprise, which is recognized as “refined innovative enterprise” by government, and won the second prize of Science and Technology Award of China Textile Industry Association.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Hyproof Tech. is an enterprise commited to R&D, production, sales and service.

Hyproof Tech. takes "scientific and technological innovation" as its core competitiveness,with scientists of many years of experience in the technology of reinforced nano-microporous membrane materials, product design, development and commercialization. The company has about 40 invention patents and utility patents, including nearly 30 invention patents (8 foreign invention patents).

Hyproof Tech. has three business division according to product application fields: Renewable energy, industrial, functional textile.

“Membrane Technology, Smart Manufacture", perfectly shows the entrepreneurial spirit of Hyproof people's aggressiveness, innovation in science and technology to serve the world. All Hyproof people will uphold the conception of "powering better Earth with science and technology, and escorting a beautiful environment with new materials", striving to be the leader in the new material industry!

Company Culture

Core Corporate Values:Membrane Technology Smart Manufacturer

Business Philosophy:Love life, protect life, save life to make human life better

Enterprise Product Concept:New Materials Escort Beautiful China!

Enterprise Employment Concept:Science and Technology Power, People-Oriented

Corporate Vision:Science and Technology to Serve the Country Beyond the Han and Tang Dynasties

Memorial Events


National major projects: water electrolysis to make high voltage hydrogen electrolytic reactor and key technologies of the system.It was rated as a "special and new enterprise" in Shanghai.


The second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Textile Industry Joint Science and Technology Award.


KN 95 protective mask filters were requisitioned for Shanghai during the outbreak.


It was invited to participate in the fourth Military-civilian Integration Application Achievements Exhibition, which was well received by national leaders.


The winner of the Second China Military-civilian Dual Technology lnnovation and Application Competition.