Innovative Science

Driving the development of novel fluorinated materials,reinforced nano-microporous membranes,composite.

Intellectual Property

The company has about 40 invention patents and utility patents, including nearly 30 invention patents.

Diversified Subsidiaries

With five subsidiaries specializing in renewable energy,membrane,fine chemicals.


Applied to renewable energy,industrial,functional textiles.



Shanghai Hyproof Technology Group,

pioneer membrane manufacture of advanced fluorine-containing resins,

reinforced nano-microporous membranes,reinforced ion exchange membrane.


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In the post-epidemic era|New technology of medical protective fabrics

In the post-epidemic era|New technology of medical protective fabrics

Medical protective fabrics mainly refer to protective fabrics worn and worn by medical staff, which can effectively block microorganisms, especially bacteria and viruses, block the penetration of body fluids, and prevent disease infection. Common fabric applications are: medical masks, medical protective clothing, etc. China has put forward detailed technical requirements for medical protective fabrics, including liquid barrier performance, air permeability, filtration efficiency and other indicators. Looking at all current fiber fabrics, it is difficult to meet the standard requirements of waterproof, barrier liquid, so it is inevitable to laminate the fabric or coat it to improve its barrier performance. Medical protective fabrics as the most critical personal protective equipment for medical personnel, high-quality medical protective fabrics can greatly improve the protective safety performance of medical staff, for some highly infectious bacteria, viruses, play an effective protective role, so that the harm is minimized. The ideal medical protective fabric should have multiple functions, protecting healthcare workers from viruses, and wearing comfortably and breathably. At present, most of the domestic medical protective fabrics are disposable use, most of the protective clothing fabrics are made of PP (polypropylene) + PE (polyethylene) materials, most domestic enterprises use wet or dry polyurethane, polyacrylate, polyvinylidene fluoride to coat the fabric, and then use this fabric to make protective clothing. This type of coated fabric is not breathable and has low moisture permeability, which greatly increases the physical burden on medical staff. Since April 2022, the serious outbreak of the new coronavirus in Shanghai, the frontline medical workers work more than 12 hours a day, and the protective clothing they wear is "big white" and low moisture permeability has increased the body's heat load and heat stress, which has affected the health and safety of the majority of medical workers. Through the downstream application and development of ePTFE membrane materials, Hyproof Technology has creatively mass-produced a new type of ePTFE microporous membrane composite material, which can effectively solve many shortcomings such as medical protective fabric coating materials and various other membrane composite materials with poor durability, impermeability, and poor moisture permeability, and can be reused, making outstanding contributions to improving China's medical protection conditions and improving the overall level of China's industrial textile fabrics.        Hyproof Technology, focusing on advanced fluorine membrane technology, achieves "intelligent manufacturing in China". Hyproof Technology is a technology research and development team composed of national high-level talent experts as the core, committed to the research and development, production and sales of the world's advanced fluorine-containing polymer materials, high-strength nanofiber microporous fluorine membrane (ePTFE), high-strength enhanced new energy battery separator, perfluorinated proton exchange membrane, perfluorinated ion exchange membrane, applied in various civil and industrial membrane composite markets, flow batteries, water electrolysis hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cells and other key core material technology fields.

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